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About us

Engineering design company „INNA Projekts” Ltd. was founded as a private limited liability company in 1998, September 1. For the time being the company consists of 46 employees, 28 of whom are design engineers and 9 are designing technicians.

The principal activity directions of our company involve collaboration with architects’ offices or separate architects in the construction design elaboration, including constructional solutions for buildings and engineering structures as well as engineering utility designs for dwelling, municipal, manufacturing house-building, renovation and reconstruction.

„INNA Projekts” Ltd. carry out engineering investigations for buildings as well as engineering structure and engineer networks examination, providing the conclusions and recommendations for engineering network condition, its further operation, maintenance or change.

By request of the customer, we provide information on building and design issues; we take the reception of all the technical regulations and carry out the customer’s interest defence in coordination organizations.

Professional qualification and experience of our specialists, software applications and technical provision allows us either with architects or on our own to take part in tenders and receive building design development orders.

For documentation development Autodesk system applications AutoCAD LT, Architectural Desktop is being used together with the developed software complex for external network profiles by „Kogra” Ltd.

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